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  • C Shape Cheek Retractors X 6

What's the secret to getting the best results out of every teeth whitening treatment? While a quality teeth whitening gel can remove stains effectively, the results possible with gels can be hindered by the soft tissues of the mouth. If you cannot easily reach all of the stained surfaces of the teeth to ensure even application of teeth whitening gels or if the cheeks rub away the gel before the end of the treatment, you simply won't get the results for which you and your clients or patients are hoping.

Our C Shape Cheek Retractors solve the problems that can be caused by difficult to reach stains and the soft tissues of the mouth. Designed to gently pull the cheeks open, the retractors make it easier to access the teeth and will ensure that teeth whitening gels don't become rubbed away. Not just for professional use, the retractors can be used at home with our teeth whitening gel kits and are sold in sets of six. Also available in a set of 4 click here.


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C Shape Cheek Retractors X 6

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