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  • Classic Kit

The Classic Teeth Whitening Kits are quick and uncomplicated to use in your own home. They are safe, and extremely effective to whiten your teeth. They come with two special formula sodium perborate gels that dentists often use to whiten stained teeth. This kit was manufactured in Europe and is now available for a very low price in the United Kingdom - especially when you compare the price versus the amount of money you would spend if you went to a dentist for the exact same results.

The highly effective ingredients contained in our Classic kits are the pre treatment liquid and the gel. These two ingredients combine together to create a miraculously white smile that is proven to last.

The pre treatment liquid works to promptly remove surface strains. Just spray the pre treatment onto the blue swab, and apply it to both the top and bottom teeth. Rub the swab on your teeth for around one minute, making sure that you concentrate on the more stained areas.

The advanced formula gel supplied is in two generously sized 10ml syringes. This is enough gel for twenty applications. The non peroxide formula also means no tooth sensitivity or gum burn associated with bleaching gels. To use, simple apply the gel into the trays, and then place them in your mouth. Rest the trays against your teeth, and leave them there between half an hour and an hour. The gel will be working on getting your smile one shade whiter every time you use it.

Just think about how nicer you will look with a bright white, shining smile! Imagine the confidence you could gain. Don't delay a second longer - order your Classic teeth whitening kit today and start experiencing amazing results of your own!

Your kit includes:

- 5 ml of pre treatment

- whitening gels (2 x 10 ml syringes)

- Dual arch moulds

- a tooth swab

- a shade chart

- stylish box for storage

- Free delivery within the UK


Our laboratory, as well as all of our equipment, is compliant with EC European standards and is fitted with production tools that establish new quality standards in the production of dental whitening processes.
Thanks to our equipment's performance level and our team's training in GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics).
Furthermore, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, our production site has been declared to the ANSM (National Security Agency of the Medicaments and Healt Products ), which inspects and approves our products and equipment.


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Classic Kit

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