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FAQ’s Teeth Whitening

Why should you pick our teeth whitening kits over a trip to the dentist? 

Our teeth whitening gels were developed and manufactured in EUrope. They have passed their strict EU regulations, and these very same gels are used by dentists all over the world. This proves that our kits are just as effective and safe as what your dentist would use to whiten your teeth. The big difference here is cost. We don't have the overheads or profit margins that your dentist does. This means that we are able to pass our savings onto you, so that you can whiten your teeth for a mere fraction of the cost.

How long will it take for my teeth to become whiter? 

You will more than likely begin to notice some improvements in the color of your teeth after just a couple of treatments. Big changes in the shade of your teeth should be visible after around seven treatments, which is between one and two weeks, depending on how often you, personally, use the treatment. Your teeth will continue to become whiter after every treatment you use, so you continue to use them until you achieve the exact results you are looking for.

I have never whitened my teeth before. Is it a difficult thing to do? 

Absolutely not! All of our teeth whitening products come with full instructions, and our kits are very simple to use. The trays ("moulds") we equip our kits with are not the thermo type of mould that you would have to heat up and then bite into. We use only dual arch moulds, where you simply add the tooth whitening gel to the top and bottom sides of the tray. Then, you place them into your mouth for up to one hour a day. These trays are much simpler and more effective to use. 

How does the whole 'teeth whitening process' actually work? 

The whitening process is actually a type of bleaching using Sodium Perborate as the active component. This is a very safe and well tested procedure that has been used for many years, and is proven to work for more than 95% of all people. Scientifically, the sodium perborate  breaks down, and the oxygen produced by this breaking down works on the stained tooth. That stained tooth is then oxidised into a white color without negatively affecting your teeth, or your tooth enamel. 

I have very sensitive teeth. Do you sell bleach free, non peroxide products that won't hurt my teeth? 

Of course we do! We sell the WhiteTeethTeethWHitening non peroxide teeth whitening products. There are plenty of bleach free, non peroxide products for you to use. It is our newest range of products, and is perfectly suited for people with sensitive teeth.

Will teeth whitening whiten my crowns, veneers, fillings, and other types of dental work? 

No. Teeth whitening products will only work on your natural teeth, so the utmost of care must be taken by you that your natural teeth are only whitened to the color of your dental work.  

How long will the results of tooth whitening last? 

This depends entirely on how you take care of your teeth after you have completed the whitening procedure. There's no reason that your teeth should not stay noticeably whiter for as long as two or three years. There are even some products available on our site that can help you keep your teeth looking whiter for longer. On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to do a "top-up" every six months to a year.

Is it really safe to whiten my teeth on my own, at home?

Yes. All of our teeth whitening products comply with the strict regulations set up by the EU cosmetic teeth whitening and comply with recent EU legislation banning the sale of peroxide based products in the UK. 

Are there any potential risks or side effects associated with teeth whitening? 


Can I use your teeth whitening gels with trays that I bought somewhere else? 

Yes. You can safely use them in other dental trays or moulds. 

I lost my instructions! Do you have them on your website?

Yes. Click on the instructions tab for full details.

I have a tooth missing. Will this affect the teeth whitening process?