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Teeth Whitening Kits: Commonly Included Products

A lot of people may find that they are unsure of what products are actually included in teeth whitening kits. While the exact products included in individual kits will undoubtedly vary based upon the brand and amount of money you spend, there are some basic products that are the most commonly included in teeth whitening kits. You should always read the product description to see what the exact components are, but this will explain to you what each component in these kits actually are.


A Basic Teeth Whitening Solution


This is the one ingredient you can be positive is in all of your teeth whitening kits. This is your basic non peroxide teeth whitening solution, which will do the most work when it comes to whitening your teeth. Without this one basic solution, there is almost no chance of whitening your teeth. When found in teeth whitening kits, this can be in various forms: teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, or (usually) teeth whitening gel that is supposed to be placed into mouth trays.


A Gel To Protect Your Teeth From Further Stains


Gel's that help to protect your teeth from further stains can be found in a lot of the teeth whitening kits on the upper end of the cost scale. Basically, these gels create an extremely thin layer of coating on your teeth that can help prevent stains from sinking into your teeth. This means that you will have a stain buffer for a temporary amount of time. This buffer does eventually go away. The amount of time it lasts depends on you and the individual protection gel your kits have come with.


A Quick Touch Up Gel For After Your Basic Treatment Has Been Finished


Some teeth whitening kits have a quick  touch up pen or gel that you can use on the go, or to keep your teeth white after your treatment ends, and without having to buy another kit just because you have one or two small stains. This will optimize the results your teeth whitening kits provide you with, by allowing those results to last even longer.


A Gel That May Help To Restore Natural Minerals Back Into Your Teeth


Sometimes you will loose a small amount of the minerals your teeth need when you whiten your teeth. This gel, commonly found in the pricier kits, helps to put those minerals back into your teeth, which can help stop sensitivity. 


Mouth Trays


Mouth trays are commonly found in teeth whitening kits because a lot of your basic teeth whitening gels are put into mouth trays so that you may use them. You apply the gel into the trays, and place the trays over your teeth. It's very important to remember that you must keep your mouth trays clean.


A Blue Light


The blue lights that are included in teeth whitening kits are designed to help you speed up the whitening process. They help to show you quicker results. Kits with blue lights included might be the best option for people with a limited amount of free time or for people who have exceptionally stained teeth.