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  • Instant Smile Foaming White Teeth Whitening

Our Instant Smile Foaming White Teeth Whitening foam is a non peroxide teeth whitening system that is oxygen infused. It has been created to give you remarkably effective results that are both lasting and one hundred percent safe. It's a no-mess solution that also comes with free delivery within the UK.

This non peroxide foam allows you to create the perfect, dazzling white smile for yourself, by removing all stains from your teeth with a foaming detergent action. This oxygen infused foam is able to get down into those difficult to clean places that toothpaste just isn't able to. The active ingredients found in this tooth whitening foam is much more powerful than your average whitening toothpaste, which allows you to get even whiter teeth, and with an absolute minimal amount of enamel erosion (which also makes it perfect for people with sensitive teeth!).

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, you need not worry. The formula found in this Instant Smile foam is bleach free, which dramatically reduces the amount of sensitivity for your teeth.

This Instant Smile formula is as easy as can be to use. There are two parts of this system. First, brush  your teeth with the cleaning foam for approximately sixty seconds. Then rinse and brush your teeth with the whitening foam. Do this twice a day - once in the morning, and once at night. There are no messy trays or gels, and you can even use this foam on the go!

Each Instant Smile Foam pack includes:

- 1 Dental Cleaning Foam (50ml)

- 1 Teeth Whitening Foam (50ml)


Our laboratory, as well as all of our equipment, is compliant with EC European standards and is fitted with production tools that establish new quality standards in the production of dental whitening processes.
Thanks to our equipment's performance level and our team's training in GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics).
Furthermore, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, our production site has been declared to the ANSM (National Security Agency of the Medicaments and Healt Products ), which inspects and approves our products and equipment.


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Instant Smile Foaming White Teeth Whitening

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