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  • LED Booster Light

Our teeth whitening light with free UK delivery and free batteries helps accelerate the teeth whitening process when used with our gels. Easy to use and has a very handy 10 minute timer built in.


This LED lamp has a 5 amp booster, these light units release a UV light which creates a rapid reaction with the gel and speeds up the complete process by as much as 50%.

The light runs on the same principle and technique that in-surgery laser whitening does. The use of the light helps to break down the gels particles fast and safely thus speeding up the whole whitening process.

Extremely simple to use

Unlock the light by twisting the top to the open position on the left hand side. Remove the batteries and then remove the paper tab. Replace the batteries with the plus sign facing upwards. Both batteries need to be in the unit for it to operate.

Replace the top and lock by turning it to the right and the locked position. The light is now ready to use. Prepare your gel and tray as normal and insert onto the set of teeth that you are whitening.

Press the white button on the light unit. You should see a light being emitted from the front of the unit, then either hold in front of your mouth tray or place into your mouth in front of your tray. These light units have a timer of 10 minutes so if using for longer periods you will need to reset the white button. The LED booster lamp works with 2 x C2025 batteries.


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LED Booster Light

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