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  • Medical Grade powder free Latex Gloves

Choosing our teeth whitening gels to use at your smile clinic, beauty shop or dentist office will ensure that you are complying with EU regulations regarding the gel, but there are other safety regulations with which you must be concerned when you're performing teeth whitening services. To ensure that you not only stay up to standards but that you keep both you and your technicians safe, make sure that you have your treatment area stocked with our Medical Grade Powder Free Latex Gloves.

Our Medical Grade Powder Free Latex Gloves help to prevent the transmission of germs to and from patients or clients. Extra thick, the gloves are resistant to wear and tear, so they provide effective protection throughout treatments. The gloves are powder free, meaning they will not leave a residue behind on the fingers of your technicians or on their clothing. The gloves are truly of the finest quality and designed for professional medical use.


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Medical Grade powder free Latex Gloves

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