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  • Teeth Whitening Safety Glasses

At, we only sell EU approved teeth whitening gels, but choosing our safe, non-sensitising gel isn't all that you need to do to ensure safety during treatments. If you're using a clinical LED system along with teeth whitening products, you also must take steps to protect the eyes of patients or clients. Our Safety Glasses are designed to comfortably fit your clients or patients and are large enough to fit over many types of prescription eyeglasses as well. The red colour of the glasses makes them perfect for blocking out bright LED light, and the glasses have a wrap-around design to protect the peripheral field of vision as well.

Constructed out of durable plastic, our Safety Glasses are heavy-duty designs that will resist scratching and breakage. The arms are slatted to improve comfort and allow air flow to the face during treatment. The glasses are sold individually.


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Teeth Whitening Safety Glasses

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